A “Hello” Heard Around the World

Edit 26 June 2021: See Structural Changes for updated information about The JET Philatelics Podcast.

17 September 2020


I wanted to formally welcome all of you to JET Philatelics! It’s been over two weeks since this website launched and I am excited to begin this philatelic journey with all of you.

The outpouring of support in the last two weeks on social media has blown me away, and I am grateful to all of you that are supporting this project right from the beginning. It took me years to get where I am right now with my other blog (JET Numismatics), welcoming visitors from twenty countries worldwide in just over two weeks! This is truly a hello heard around the world!

I wanted to go ahead and describe my plan for the next few weeks, so you have an idea of where the project is headed. I truly see this as a project designed to give and be given inspiration by, to, and from all of you. I am a beginner collector inspired to be a positive force in the wonderful hobby that is philately- and the fact I have such a large outpouring of support before I even hit record to the first video or podcast, or this very blog post for that matter, speaks volumes and proves my point: this project is definitely a worthy endeavor.

Before I describe the content for YouTube videos, I wanted to mention I changed the font in the JET Philatelics logo, the current one is my Twitter profile picture and banner. It will take a few days to update the logo across all platforms. I’ll be updating The JET Philatelics Podcast artwork as well.

Over the last two weeks I’ve been preparing content and brainstorming ideas that, from my perspective, are fascinating to talk about. Some of the many awesome features of collecting postage stamps includes learning the history of a particular stamp, the geography and history of the country it came from, the local history (if it has a legible cancellation), the artistic style, studying the messages or objects featured on those stamps, and so, so much more. I’ve interacted with so many collectors in the past few weeks whose collective focus has been on unique, niche parts of the hobby. Seeing that passion first hand makes me feel that much more inspired, especially being a beginner collector. It confirms that I’m more than able to find and discover unique stories to share through my preparation, brainstorming and research. I know many people feel intimidated when starting a new hobby, but for me, that feeling couldn’t be farther from reality. Being welcomed into the hobby with a personal message of support from the American Philatelic Society itself is not only incredible, but it shows that both collectors and professionals in this hobby care about the community they truly want to foster and grow.

As for the technical side of things, I am excited to share the channel introduction within the next week to two weeks. I’m sure the other philatelic YouTube channels (whose content I watch, and their creative process I admire) have had the joy of learning how to edit videos. I am learning that process now and I am slowly beginning to enjoy it. 

As for the creative side, I have many episodes planned out, taking lessons and inspiration from other channels, specifically the Exploring Stamps and Ted Talks Stamps “schools of philatelic YouTube”. And, important to note, Ted reached 1,000 subscribers today, a tremendous achievement!

Part of the excitement is learning what my own video style is as I ago, and we’ll see that play out in the next few weeks. Focusing on that, one of the first (I am proud to say highly anticipated) episodes on the channel will be about how to make your own canvas art “prints” that don’t break the bank, and look great. Another episode will discuss the Terres australes et antarctiques françaises (TAAF) stamp from 1951 that I made this very canvas print of, all in the coming weeks. As you can surmise from this brief blog post, there’s a lot to do, but there’s a lot of excitement too!

Lastly, I wanted to mention that I’ll be in attendance for as many hours at the Philatelic Traders’ Society (PTS) Virtual Stampex show as physically possible. Like many other people, I’ve made my schedule available for all three days, and I cannot wait to see all of you there. My goal is to visit and interact with every single booth at the show at least once!

Again, many thanks everyone to your continued support. If you haven’t had the opportunity to follow my social media channels or subscribe to the YouTube channel, the links are here below.



Editor, JET Philatelics

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